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Daimler CEO, Dr. Zetsche, presents the “Intelligent Drive” concept at the Detroit Motor Show at the premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, January 2013. See Daimler video clip.


The new Mercedes-Benz E Class with the stereo camera attached below the windshield. View the official E-Class trailer, covering the new driver assistance functions.





“Mercedes-Benz has augmented its assistance systems with new functions which are now able to support the driver in a substantially broader range of situations. Using cutting-edge sensor technology, they are able to monitor the area around the vehicle, providing the driver with warnings and support and reducing his workload as an intelligent on-board partner. “Intelligent Drive” is the intelligent combination of sensors and systems to establish a new dimension of motoring. A crucial aspect is the networking of all the systems involved - referred to by safety experts as “sensor fusion”. Mercedes-Benz is continually enhancing the capabilities of its assistance systems. The aim is to achieve all-round protection not only for the occupants of a Mercedes-Benz model, but for other road users as well-” (Source: Daimler press material).





Our longstanding Daimler research on pedestrian detection has paid off: our stereo vision-based pedestrian system made it to market !

Here is a Daimler video clip explaining the Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition. Evaluations of the German GIDAS accident data carried out by Mercedes-Benz indicate that this new technology could avoid 6 percent of pedestrian accidents and reduce the severity of a further 41 percent.

See Daimler press information for more details about this function.  


The DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive control system is a driver aid designed to keep the vehicle at the desired distance from another vehicle in front that is travelling slower than the selected cruising speed. This radar-based function has now been enhanced by the addition of Steering Assist, which helps drivers to stay centred in their lane by generating the appropriate steering torque when travelling on a straight road and even in gentle bends

Here is a Daimler video clip explaining this functionality.

See Daimler press information for more details on this and other driver assistance functions.




One cannot but marvel at the progress that has been made in the area of intelligent vehicles and driver assistance functions in the past few years. As recently as 2005, there were only 2-3 restricted functionalities  available in high-end cars (i.e. adaptive cruise control, nightview). The current Mercedes-Benz E Class features a dozen or more assistance functions, with significant sensor processing and active vehicle control, both longitudinally and laterally. Sensor processing is meanwhile reliable enough to execute fully automatic emergency maneuvres in some cases (cf. PRE-SAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition). The trend is towards 360° assistance and increased level of automation for all vehicle segments.

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